Progress on private sector contribution to Reducing Deforestation (REDD+) – Katowice Climate Change Conference (COP24)

The REDD+ Business Initiative is attending COP24 and leading several events to raise awareness on the value of REDD+ and natural climate solutions for the private sector to address climate change. Join us to learn about the initiative and REDD+ projects.

During the side events at COP24, a panel of experts will discuss the progress on private sector contribution to reducing deforestation through the REDD+ mechanism. The partners of the REDD+ Business Initiative consider REDD+ as a very potent vehicle for climate action while at the same time achieving important outcomes for biodiversity, food security and community engagement: in short, contributing to the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals. A vehicle that is very well suited to engage companies in early action. The Initiative is inspiring other companies and countries to initiate similar private sector initiatives. More, however, must be done to link government REDD+ initiatives, public and private sector finance and the actions of companies.   

Date: 7th December 2018



Time: 14.30-16.00

Venue: EU Pavillon, Room Brussels

Title: Progress on private sector contribution to Reducing Deforestation (REDD+)


  1. Rudi Daelmans, (Group sustainability scouting and advocacy Director at Tarkett) 2. Ruben Veefkind, (Greenchoice)

Moderator: Jos Cozijnsen


The achievements and potential of private sector investments in REDD+ will be presented, as well as the way in which voluntary projects and international trade of credits could fit in the NDC approach of the Paris Agreement.

This session will share the experiences of a forest sector project ‘Strengthening Sustainable Management of Forests in Georgia’ implemented by a Lithuanian and Hungarian consortium, as well as other projects and shared best practice.

In light of international and national land-based mitigation goals (forest conservation, sustainable development etc.), there is an urgent need to obtain better estimates of forest biomass stocks and changes which are accurate, reliable and transparent. We present recent advances from IPCC 2019 GPG refinement and new estimates, and prospects for large area forest biomass estimation using space-based and ground data sources.

Address the questions:

  1. What is achieved by the REDD+ Business Initiative?
  2. Why do companies invest in REDD+ and what government actions would encourage them to step up their efforts?
  3. How to nest project based action in NDC’s? The case of Peru

The REDD+ Business presentation is part of the session “The key role of forests in mitigating Climate Change, from the Paris Agreement to EU legislation”

About the REDD+ Business Initiative:
The events are organized by the REDD+ Business Initiative, a platform of ten companies investing in REDD+ in co-operation with Ecosphere+/Althelia, IUCN NL and MVO NL. During the side events a panel of experts will discuss the inspiration and motivation behind corporate support for REDD+ as part of their broader sustainability and climate change agendas. The focus will be on the question how public instruments could incentivize more private sector investments in REDD+?

Read more about the RBI here.