RBI welcomes ASN Bank as new member

The Dutch ASN Bank, part of the Volksbank NV known for its sustainable profile in banking, joined the REDD+ Business Initiative on 10th January 2019.

CEO Arie Koornneef:  “ASN Bank stands for the preservation of biodiversity, the prevention of global warming and the protection of human rights. For biodiversity we have set the goal that ASN Bank’s loans and investments are to have a net positive impact on biodiversity by 2030. The REDD+ Business Initiative perfectly matches these goals. By protecting the future of tropical rainforests, we protect the most valuable asset of humanity”.

Rudi Daelmans (Tarkett), chairman of the REDD + Business Initiative: “We are delighted that ASN Bank has joined us. It shows the growing interest of the financial sector in impact investment. This is closely related to the need to de-invest in fossil fuels and to shift to profitable investments with a positive impact on climate, biodiversity and social welfare. REDD+ projects are a promising new asset class which offers all of this”.