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Greenchoice believes we should not blindly focus on realizing the CO2- and renewable energy goals, without making sure ecosystems are preserved and restored in the meantime. Through this great business initiative we hope to convince more companies to join us. Evert den Boer, CEO – Greenchoice

Greenchoice is a Dutch energy company, supplying electricity and natural gas to over 400,000 customers in the Netherlands. From the start of its existence in 2001, Greenchoice has delivered power from renewable sources to its customers. In 2004, when the gas market became liberalized in the Netherlands, delivery of natural gas was added. Because the use of natural gas is causing the CO2-emissions that contribute to global climate change, Greenchoice has been investing into CO2-offsetting projects since 2004, focusing on REDD+ projects  as well as Afforestation/ Reforestation projects. Greenchoice believes it is important to focus not only on realizing important CO2– and renewable energy goals, but in addition to make sure important ecosystems are preserved while doing this.

Our vision for the future is that sustainability is 100% self-evident:

  • green energy is generated close to customers and used close to the sustainable source,
  • people are aware of their energy consumption, actively save energy and generate as much as possible self – or together – green energy
  • everyone has access to affordable and reliable sustainable technologies for this.

We currently support REDD+ projects in 7 different countries. The VCS and CCB-certified projects with which we offset our gas sales include: the Kariba REDD+ project (Zimbabwe), Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve project (Indonesia), Madre de Dios Amazon REDD project (Peru), Natural High Forest Rehabilitation Project on degraded land of Kibale National Park (Uganda). On top of this we also support non-certified initiatives by: Fundação Opção Verde (Amazon, Brazil), Jane Goodall Institute (West Tanzania), WakK Foundation (NW Tanzania). In the Netherlands we cooperate with Staatsbosbeheer, Natuurmonumenten, Zuid-Hollands Landschap and Wageningen University & Research.