When buying from a sustainable forest, you can choose between different kinds of timber. Globally we can distinguish about 50,000 varieties of timber, while only making use of a few. Up to 93% of tropical forest timber volume consists of lesser known timber species (LKTS) and many such species are currently being burnt or otherwise wasted after logging operations or forest clearance. Looking at the LKTS several of them are high-quality and can be deployed in many ways. Using these kinds of timber, we make better use of the forest without exhausting nature.

In Indonesia we focus on a concession in the Segah subdistrict of Berau and a concession in West-Kulai. Both are located in East Kalimantan. The first concession is a combination of Natural and Social forests. The second concession is a Community Plantation Forest. For both concessions it’s our aim to reduce poverty by giving the forest communities access to manage forests and get economic benefits. In addition, the projects aim to curb deforestation and forest degradation.

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