our greenwoodd+ project has a positive impact on 11 of 17 sustainable development goals


Incorporated in 2002, Greenwood International is a timber trader specialized in high quality timber and timber products from certified forests in Southeast Asia. Our products are being sold worldwide and we are committed to legal and sustainable forest management.


green products

Beautiful, durable, easy to work with and inherently renewable: sustainable wood is perfect for building, rebuilding and renovating. Compared to synthetic material or steel, wood is definitely more durable. More importantly: when using timber from sustainably managed forests, we are able to put a stop to deforestation. Our products are by definition not published on the list of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). We supply our timber with a FSC, PEFC or SVLK-certificate. The sawmills we work with have endorsed gender equality. 


green policy

At Greenwood International we strive to partner only with suppliers who are committed to sustained yield and responsible forestry practices. In order to communicate with the society showing our strong commitment towards the environmental presentation, we introduced our green policy program. This program takes all the action to come to a well-balanced mixture of environmental and commercial interests. Our green policy program contains the following keywords: sustainability, ambition, transparency and communication.



With greenwoodd+ we want to put a halt to deforestation andreduce CO2 emissions by investing in alternatives to commonly used commercial timber species such as afrormosia, mahogany, ipe, meranti from certified community forests and peatlands. Sourcing lesser known timber species with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification sustains ecological, carbon, nutrient and water cycles in forests and reduces the susceptibility of tree species to diseases and fire. Carbon credits can determine and stimulate the transition to use of lesser known timber species with less deforestation and CO2 emissions. Marketing this timber makes it possible for us to invest in local jobs and improve labor and living conditions for the community people. 

More information about our project can be found at: www.greenwoodinternational.nl/lkts