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Watch the video on the right to find out why it’s important to protect forests and how this can help your business.

REDD+ Business Initiative Partners

Does your company value sustainability, preserving biodiversity and reducing carbon dioxide emissions? If so, you can invest in REDD+ projects to help you achieve your goals. Member companies of the REDD+ Business Initiative companies voluntarily contribute to a sustainable planet. Together we invest in conserving tropical rainforests and motivate others to do the same.

Why join the REDD+ Business Initiative?

There is a strong business case for becoming a member of the REDD+ Business Initiative. A major benefit is the support you get for integrating REDD+ in your business strategy. This results in a concrete, measurable contribution to the conservation of biodiversity and the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement in a cost-effective way and with immediate results.

As a member you can help leverage the billions in public ‘seed funding’ already committed to
REDD+, which offers you direct interaction with the most important actors in this field (NGOs, NL &
EU Governments). It offers you an international stage to present your company as part of a powerful coalition. And last but not least; working on REDD+ with a broad range of companies is an inspiring and motivating experience.


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