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We invite you to join the REDD+ Business Initiative. Watch the video on the right to find out why it’s important to protect forests and how this can help your business.

REDD+ Business Initiative Partners

Does your company value sustainability and do you think preserving biodiversity and reducing CO2 emissions is important? If so, REDD+ projects can help your business. In the REDD+ Business Initiative companies join forces to voluntarily contribute to a sustainable planet. Together we invest in conserving tropical rainforests and motivate others to do the same.

Companies that become a partner of the REDD+ Business Initiative form a platform, where knowledge and experience gained with the REDD+ activities are shared. Together we keep the project’s focus and make sure that our message is heard in the international debate on climate change.

How can my company join the REDD+ Business Initiative?

We hope your company is just as motivated as we are to fight tropical deforestation and forest degradation with the REDD+ Business Initiative. Together we determine how your company can best contribute to our mission. Maybe you would like to join the pilot project in Peru, but you might want to examine different options. Everything is possible, so please contact Erik van Zadelhoff, (email:, Project leader of the REDD+ Business Initiative.


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